For many years, it has been the Issy Geshen Management’s goal to upgrade and renovate the Home to improve the comfort of our frail residents who are living with dementia, extreme chronic health issues and various forms of disabilities.

After many years of planning, we were finally able to start the much-needed renovations at the Home in October 2022, and concluded the Dementia Care Unit in March 2023 , thanks to the Victor Daitz Foundation. Read more about the Dementia Care Unit here.

But renovating the building and rooms only achieves half of our vision; it is also our wish to furnish the Home so that our elders can live out the remainder of their years in comfort and dignity.  

We can’t do it alone and need help from friends and partners who have a heart for the elderly. When you think that Issy Geshen Home was opened more than 62 years ago . . .  you can imagine how the past years have taken their toll on the building and furnishings!

Please help us restore Issy Geshen to a real ‘home’ for our frail elders where our elders can feel comfortable, safe and secure. We are in need of support from partners to assist us in achieving this goal.

The home wishes to provide new specialised beds for 52 frail elders. The beds cost R115 000, at an average of R2 211 per bed.

Currently, some beds are too high from the floor for frail elders and caregivers, leading to a risk of injury due to slips and falls. A good quality bed can improve mobility for frail residents, making it easier to get in and out of bed and move around more easily. It can help to maintain muscle strength and prevent stiffness and joint pain. The bed rails are currently not fully functional and pose a challenge with increased falls and other accidents. The new specialised beds will significantly improve elder mobility, reduce risks to the elders and improve their overall comfort and dignity.

The Home needs your assistance to help furnish the frail care-dementia unit with new specialised beds. We appeal to the public and businesses to support this Home’s Furnishing project. Individual and corporate donations are welcome, and every gift received will support the purchase of these new specialised beds.