Issy Geshen Home Highlights Elder Abuse on the Rise


A day before South Africa commemorates Youth Day on 16 June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

This day is especially significant to promote a better understanding of the abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting elder abuse and neglect.

The challenge remains investing in marginalised and vulnerable groups.

After 62 years of caring for the most vulnerable elders in the Durban-Lamontville community, the Issy Geshen Lamont Home remains one of the longest-standing old-aged homes, committed to its mission of caring for older persons and meeting the emerging needs of the most frail and vulnerable.

Through their professional services and outreach programmes, the Home has identified the following urgent challenges:

  • Although a vulnerable group, older persons are not prioritised.
  • The demand for shelter and healthcare has increased significantly in the past two to five years.
  • Access to care for frail elders and older persons living with dementia and Alzheimer's has increased considerably.
  • A reduction in government subsidies.
  • Disabled elders are not acknowledged in the system; therefore, government funds are not adequately allocated to seniors with a disability.
  • Elder abuse is on the rise, and this has increased inquiries from elders in the community seeking safe accommodation.

The Issy Geshen Lamont Home remains committed to caring for frail and vulnerable elders by providing safe accommodation, 24-hour nursing care, nutritional meals, transportation, medical care, social services, medical consumables, and incontinence products.

Their pillars of Care, Health and Wellness, Safety & Security, Counselling, and Social Engagement assist in identifying the most critical issues affecting elders in our communities.

Ensuring that elders are safe and secure is prioritised above all else. The Home provides medical care, shelter and safe accommodation to sixty-nine (69) elders with dementia,Alzheimer's, and chronic diseases, including physical and mental health disabilities.

Their Social Worker provides support, counselling, and advocacy, and the general staff offers cleaning and maintenance to ensure a safe and clean environment at the Home.

The Home also provides direct Elder Abuse awareness and prevention services in the Lamontville community and receives referrals from care partners and community members.

Annually, the Home hosts an Elder Abuse Awareness March where the elderly march to the Lamontville Clinic to address the local youth. The purpose is to raise awareness of the different forms of elder abuse and how, alongside the youth, communities can come together to prevent elder abuse and take better care of elders.

By offering these programmes and services, the Issy Geshen Lamont Home can assist the elderly to live a better and improved quality of life.

The Home considers it a great privilege to care for vulnerable elders in their golden years, coupled with love, dignity and respect.

The Home encourages people and businesses interested in getting involved to get in touch for more information.

Individuals and businesses wanting to get involved may contact Zinhle Hlubi on : +27 31 469 0247, or email:

For financial donations please visit our donate page.