Issy Geshen provides all the services needed to offer quality of life to our frail and indigent elderly residents. The home currently experiences a shortfall of R2659 per month per resident.

“What can we do today?”

Older pensioners often find they’ve an abundance of time on their hands. When energy saps, or when it’s cold or wet outdoors, there’s nothing better than a chair in front of the TV. And right now we’ve got a problem – our DSTV decoder’s broken and unrepairable.

Will you click here to make an online donation to give us a helping hand to replace this?

Taking an interest in what’s going on in the world keeps the mind alert and active, and stimulates conversation.  And our menfolk do enjoy debating football and politics!

When eyesight’s too weak to knit or read, TV’s a great way to pass away the time.

Everyone in our Home enjoys watching DUMISA – a DSTV channel which focuses on indigenous South African church culture. It broadcasts preaching and events, talk shows, documentaries on traditional church communities and gospel music. It’s food for the soul!

The cost of a new decoder’s beyond our reach at the moment and we’d also like to buy a couple of radios for the ladies and gents who are confined to their beds. Listening to the radio keeps them company when they’re on their own.

We’re not looking at anything fancy or expensive, just with sound clear and loud enough for “older ears”.

With winter approaching and residents spending more time indoors the TV’s a comfort that keeps them entertained and motivated. As it is they’re missing it terribly, especially in the evenings and on Sundays, when they like to watch religious shows and sing along to their beloved gospel music.

It’s not a huge expense and it gives so much pleasure to them all.  A gift from you – made online by clicking here today – will bring the music back into their lives. Please will you help?

The cost per resident is

Funded by 100% of the resident’s government pension

and (average)  government subsidy

Shortfall per resident per month

R7214 per month




How we’re funded:

Our annual budget for 2018 is about R6 million.

If not for the kindness and generosity of business, groups and individuals, we’d never be able to meet our budget deficit of
R2.2  million every year.

The challenge we are facing right now is that the shortfall increases every year because the cost of living – certainly the items we spend money on – increases by a higher percentage than the amount by which the government increases pensions and subsidies.  So it’s becoming ever more difficult, almost impossible now, to meet this shortfall.  Can you help? Your kindness will give our old people security into the future.  The alternative is unthinkable!

You can give safely and securely online, right now, simply click here. [link to ‘how you can help’ page] Your gift will reach us immediately.  We’d be very grateful!

If you’d prefer to make your donation by electronic funds transfer or direct deposit into our bank account, our bank account details appear below. Please be sure to use your phone number are the reference so that we can thank you for your kindness.


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