Issy Geshen provides all the services needed to offer quality of life to our frail and indigent elderly residents. The home currently experiences a shortfall of R2450 per month per resident.

 “I can walk again!”

When Melta Mkhize came to live with us, she was in a frail condition – completely dependent and bed-bound. Thanks to our holistic care programme, Melta’s condition quickly improved. Soon she was able to sit in a wheelchair. Motivated by her own progress and seeing full mobility as a reality, she soon graduated to using a walking frame, and eventually, a walking stick.

She says, “It feels like a dream to be able to move around on my own again.” In fact you hardly ever find her sitting down!

She can’t thank the nursing staff enough for their excellent care – and for going the extra mile to improve her quality of life.  Without the support of our donors, we wouldn’t be able to employ staff to fill these vital roles.


Active ageing – the Eden Alternative

After much consultation with the residents, the Home made the decision to embrace and implement the Eden Alternative programme. This approach provides a framework for re-modelling the long-term care of older people. It focuses on providing an environment that promotes the residents' personal growth rather than their decline.

It seeks to change today's old age homes from “institutions” to “human habitats” – homes where residents want to live and carers enjoy working. Residents who are able to are gradually getting involved in the daily routine of the home – assisting in the kitchen, laundry and garden. And how they are enjoying it, with a renewed sense of purpose.


Helping others through our Outreach Programme

We run an Outreach Programme, where, using our organisational knowledge, contacts and skills, we seek to help people in our neighbouring community who are worse off than ourselves . . . people like Mrs Yalo and her 16 year-old son, Sizwe.

Born with cerebral palsy and severe mental disability, Sizwe can’t walk, talk or feed himself. He’s totally dependent on his mother and she’s been his devoted carer all his life. He’s never had a wheelchair so she has had to carry him on her back whenever she goes anywhere.

His mother brought him to the Home earlier this year to apply for a wheelchair through our Wheelchair Assessment and Provision Programme.

Our Occupational Therapist assessed Sizwe and applied for a suitable model from the Wheelchairs KZN project, and happily it was delivered in July. It has a lap-tray which can be attached to the armrests to make feeding easier. Activities can also be placed on the tray to stimulate Sizwe.

Not surprisingly, Mrs Yalo was overcome with emotion. Although she still has to lift her son, she no longer has to carry him everywhere and that will change her life!

I’m sure you’d have enjoyed the moment as much as we all did!


Paying it Forward – 67 Blankets for Mandela

You may know that this is an organisation that collects and distributes knitted or crocheted blankets for the needy. Some of our ladies have participated in this project for the past four years. They knit and crochet blankets made up of strips and squares of wool –  and have completed 20 blankets in the first half of this year! They also made scarves for the organisation’s Secret Scarf campaign, which were given out to needy folk near Addington Hospital in July and were very joyfully received!


Green savings

Two of our most exciting projects this year have been the installations of a 5 000 litre solar boiler system (generously funded by the Victor Daitz Foundation) and 4 x 10 000 litre Jojo tanks and filtration system (generously funded by the Rand Water Foundation).

The solar system has not only made us “really green” but has helped us save 50% of our energy bills, and during the months of August and September, we were able to harvest over 30 000 litres of rain water. Both installations have  made a huge improvement to our budget!

The cost per resident is

Funded by 100% of the resident’s government pension

and (average)  government subsidy

Shortfall per resident per month

R6810 per month




How we’re funded:

Our annual budget for 2017 is about R5.5 million.

If not for the kindness and generosity of business, groups and individuals, we’d never be able to meet our budget deficit of
R1.8 / R2  million every year.

The challenge we are facing right now is that the shortfall increases every year because the cost of living – certainly the items we spend money on – increases by a higher percentage than the amount by which the government increases pensions and subsidies.  So it’s becoming ever more difficult, almost impossible now, to meet this shortfall.  Can you help? Your kindness will give our old people security into the future.  The alternative is unthinkable!

You can give safely and securely online, right now, simply click here. [link to ‘how you can help’ page] Your gift will reach us immediately.  We’d be very grateful!

If you’d prefer to make your donation by electronic funds transfer or direct deposit into our bank account, our bank account details appear below. Please be sure to use your phone number are the reference so that we can thank you for your kindness.


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