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This registered and certificated old age facility was established in 1960 in the suburb of Lamontville, south of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We provide frail care and nursing care to the needy elderly of the area, ensuring their physical, emotional and social well-being.  We now have 68 residents with an average age of 77 years.

The South African state pension, sadly, is far too little to survive on. Looking back over the lives of these wonderful men and women it’s not hard to see how they never managed to save for their old age.

It’s Zulu tradition for seniors to be cared for within the family group, but many of our ‘gogos’ and ‘umkhulu’ (grannies and grandpas) have been “orphaned” by HIV/AIDS or violent crime. Some families are themselves victims of poverty and are unable to take on this traditional role.

Without the safety and security of Issy Geshen Lamont Home, these vulnerable old folk would be in desperate straits.  Please help us in any way you can.

Government funding in the form of pension and subsidies is inadequate to meet even our modest budget, so we depend totally on the generosity and caring of the public sector for the shortfall.


Who was Issy Geshen?

Issy Geshen was a well-known Durban businessman who inspired the creation of the Home and worked diligently for its support.

During the 1950s, under the law then applicable to black South Africans, it was mandatory that when the registered occupant of a house passed away, his widow was not permitted to occupy or take transfer of the house as she was considered a minor. The house would then be transferred to the eldest son, or failing that, was simply reallocated and the occupants lost tenure. This resulted in many destitute elderly people, mainly women.

One day, Mr Geshen noticed an elderly man looking for food at a rubbish dump and he was deeply distressed, so he took it on himself to open discussions with the relevant authorities, to establish a Home to care for the needs of elderly black pensioners.

After his death in 1979 it was decided to honour him by naming the Home after him.

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“I am proud of my wrinkles. Every wrinkle on my face tells the story of my life.”  Nawal El Saadawi – Egyptian writer, activist, physician and psychiatrist.

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