Issy Geshen provides all the services needed to offer quality of life to our frail and indigent elderly residents. The home currently experiences a shortfall of R2659 per month per resident.

What does freedom mean to you?

It’s certainly a privilege we take for granted. But at some point in our lives, this freedom may be taken away.

Thankfully, all our permanently immobile residents have wheelchairs to get around the home and into the community.

In our home there are also elderly men and women who can walk, but can’t cope beyond a few dozen steps. Sometimes they have to be carried into a venue and that really embarrasses them.

Our seniors may be frail now, but in their hearts and minds they’re the same energetic and active men and women they were in mid-life. To be carried is demeaning and undignified. Most would rather prefer to stay in than endure this kind of humiliation.

That’s why we really need to buy four wheelchairs to share amongst these folk who are being needlessly deprived of vital social contact. Will you help by making your online donation here?

Then we can take them to church, to community events, to the clinic and on outings in our bus and, in turn, wheel them into venues. It’ll expand their horizons and bring them great pleasure. They’ll be more confident to go out, knowing they wouldn’t be trapped by their weak muscles or their arthritis.

We’ll be celebrating Freedom Day next month and we want our residents to celebrate the day in a way that’s truly meaningful for them. Please will you help us make their freedom a reality, by contributing your gift towards the wheelchairs by clicking here?

A gift of any amount will be very welcome and deeply appreciated by those who’ll enjoy the freedom of using the wheelchairs. Thank you!

The cost per resident is

Funded by 100% of the resident’s government pension

and (average)  government subsidy

Shortfall per resident per month

R7214 per month




How we’re funded:

Our annual budget for 2018 is about R6 million.

If not for the kindness and generosity of business, groups and individuals, we’d never be able to meet our budget deficit of
R2.2  million every year.

The challenge we are facing right now is that the shortfall increases every year because the cost of living – certainly the items we spend money on – increases by a higher percentage than the amount by which the government increases pensions and subsidies.  So it’s becoming ever more difficult, almost impossible now, to meet this shortfall.  Can you help? Your kindness will give our old people security into the future.  The alternative is unthinkable!

You can give safely and securely online, right now, simply click here. [link to ‘how you can help’ page] Your gift will reach us immediately.  We’d be very grateful!

If you’d prefer to make your donation by electronic funds transfer or direct deposit into our bank account, our bank account details appear below. Please be sure to use your phone number are the reference so that we can thank you for your kindness.


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